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I am a furniture maker and woodworker located in Newcastle. I specialize in creating balanced, bespoke furniture with carefully selected timber. My understanding of traditional woodworking practices allows me to build reliable, long lasting furniture.


Before moving in 2020 to Australia I worked for Robert Beauchamp, a California furniture maker who taught me a great deal about both furniture making and milling timber.  In that job I learned the process of woodworking all the way from a standing tree to a gorgeous table. Before working for Robert I received my formal training at the College of the Redwoods nine month fine furniture program (now the Krenov School). The two experiences have given me the ability to create custom furniture in a fairly low tech shop, relying on a combination of hand tools and simple woodworking machines to produce custom results. 


It is a joy to get to work with timber each day, and I try to pass that along to every client.

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