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Unique custom furniture starts with timber that catches the eye and feels right for the piece. I enjoy working with Australian timbers as well as wood from my native California. Timber varies greatly by species, but even the same species can show quite a bit of variation.  

Recycled Australian Hardwoods

I have access to an extraordinary selection of recycled Australian timbers through my work with Round 2 Timbers.  These include blackbutt, brush box, white mahogany, spotted gum and a wide variety of other species and colors.  They are sturdy, beautiful and long lasting timbers, and the nail holes and slight defects add to their interest.  They are well suited for most furniture, including tables, chairs, book cases, benches, or desks.

American timbers in limited supply:

California Black Walnut

This variety of walnut is specific to California, and differs from the more commercially available walnut in its rich colours and lively graphics.  Depending on the tree, the timber can be anywhere from reddish brown to chocolate, and can be both figured and non figured. It is truly an ideal timber for making all types of furniture, especially pieces like tables or credenzas that can hilght unique grain patterns.



Madrone is a beautiful timber that ranges from pink with streaks of red to a tannish brown. Madrone trees grow in coastal and mountainous parts of Northern California and Oregon.  It is perfect for small boxes and cabinets, and is a joy to work with.

California Bay Laurel

Also known as myrtle wood, California Bay Laurel is another excellent wood for unique boxes, cabinets, or small tables. When first cut it has striking yellow heartwood with pale gray sapwood, which mellow together to a lovely brown over time.  

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