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Custom furniture means something different to everyone. There is an element of size and shape, the type of wood you want, the number of doors, drawers etc. But what custom furniture means to me is that you receive more than you expected.  It means I tried my best to give you the thing that you wanted, and made it in a way that I thought most likely to delight you.  


The process:

Custom commission furniture begins with an idea, an inkling someone has of a piece of timber furniture that would give them a warm fuzzy feeling.  A nice chest of drawers to put all the strewn about clothes in, a lovely dining table to support hours of homework and meals. Perhaps a pretty cabinet to display a growing pottery collection. However precise or imprecise your starting point, I am very excited to hear what you have in mind. If you have a substantially designed project that you simply need built I am happy to offer a quote. If instead you are not quite sure what you want, but know you want something sweet and delightful, that is fine as well. I’ll come up with a few starting ideas that might fit your style and budget and we can work together to refine them toward something you will enjoy for years to come.


Wood selection is a key element of custom furniture.  Whether you have a particular timber in mind that you want to use or are open to suggestions, thinking about the specific timbers is very exciting.  


"Rob made and ate a cheese sandwich, just as promised.  He sliced the bread himself, then the cheese, but not before he had turned the stove on to heat the pan. It was a toasty sandwich. If you need someone to eat a cheese sandwich, he's your guy."

Chad Cheddar

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